Speculate on which posters smoke

There no smoke without fire. HAHAHA

Oh yeah, I’ve only ever been taken by friends: in Bahrain when I was over there, and by my Jordanian friend when in London.

I’d feel very self-conscious if I were to pop in on my own, I think.

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ive been told i give off smoker vibes (prob coz smoking is cool and so am i) but the question is does community dot drowned in sound think im a smoker???

  • smoker
  • joker

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Could see you with a soft pack of marlboros rolled up in your t shirt sleeve I recko


What an insult that is!!

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(I’ve been holding onto it for a while, it is an absolute cracker. Also works on the level that it doesn’t offend anyone other than the person you direct it at (and all Scots that have an English accent I guess but they deserve everything they get))

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