Speculate who on these boards you think own either a pair of Hunter or Le Chameau wellies



(not including PO of course)
(I do not but have been doing quite a lot of welly research)
(will not be buying Hunter or Le Chameau)


Noticed that Hunter are going big on the “London’s trendy east end” advertising currently.


Absolute guarantee that at least one (probably all three) of the men’s fashion crew own a pair


Le Chameau is for the huge hitters. You can spend over £300 on those fellas.


I don’t know what either of those things are


Got to be honest here Lonzy, literally never heard of that




These are actually leather but still:


I don’t know why they exist.


I own a pair of wellies. But not either of those brands. I was going to start a “what’s the most Tory thing you own?” thread, but then I remembered I own a house.



i grew up in the middle of farmland. I’d be shot on sight wearing designer wellies




Yeah he’s the epitome of DiS’s GQ set.



him, @fitzcarraldo and @Lo-Pan are the obvious candidates. But the other 2 may shun Hunter because of their hatred for the English



No, I do not. Imagine even doing anything that required wellies anyway, I’m not a farmer or a teenager/adult with problems acting like an adult who is going to a festival.


too much hair



don’t own any wellies, fucking hate camping and normally just wear a pair of wrecked converse to festivals

in short - fuck up


You were a bald child? (safetywink to thread)