Thinking of writing off to someone to ask for speedbumps on my road. There’s a main road parallel with ours that has them and it means that all the Ronny Pickerings just use our road to race up to cut them out. It’s a short residential road but I saw cars doing at least 45-50 up it yesterday. So, has anyone else ever done this and been successful? Do you write to your local MP or to the roads service? I know doing things like raising a noise complaint with the police can affect your house price, are speedbumps the same deal?

Stick some in yourself

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Have you tried shaking your head at speeding drivers?

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you big old snitch.

Stand outside in a high vis jacket pointing a hairdryer at the speeding cars for a few days.


Gonna need a very strong hairdryer for that to make a difference!!


They’ll be available (from Dyson, no doubt) after Brexit.

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Is your street a ‘rat run’? Is it feasible to lobby for filtered permeability instead?


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Famous snooker player.

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Are inverted speed bumps (speed troughs?) a thing? I feel like they’d be cheaper than speed bumps, and just as effective. They’d fill up with water and mud probably, but that’s not my problem.

Talk to to your local councillor and ask for it to be brought up.

He’s on his way


Cheaper still just to let the roads fall into disrepair until they’re completely impassable.

I’m always close.

it’s a big one



Fucks sake get on with it man!


Depends where you live.

The first thing to do is speak to your neighbours and try to get a groundswell of support. The next stage would be to write to your local ward councillors and local authority to suggest it, making sure that they know that the rest of the street also support it (it’s better if it looks like it comes from an organised campaign group, rather than an individual).

The council may then put down traffic counters etc to monitor the issue, and then may put in speedbumps.

Another thing to look into is whether you might be suitable for a modal filter at one end of the road. This effectively turns a road into a cul-de-sac for vehicular traffic, but not pedestrians or bikes. Many (Tory) councils don’t like them though, and they do require coordination with emergency services and bus operators, so they’re harder to get approved.


I’d set up a machine gun post and give them potential child killers what they deserve.

Fuck off, mate.

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