Speedy Ortiz

are a band who I like.

In related news, they have released a new track

I’m surprised this thread isn’t getting attention, I thought they were more popular on here. I loved the two full lengths and the Sports EP. I’m going to wait to listen until the album comes out so I’m surprised.

“Plough” is such a good song.

whenever i hear one of their songs my ears prick up and i’m like yesss. But then I listen to their albums, and there’s so much samey filler. Makes me a sad boy.

New album is streaming on NPR:

Yeah they’re a band who I like the idea of, more than when I listen to them. There are some good songs though

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What are people thinking about this? I hated it on the first few listens but suddenly it started clicking yesterday and I’m starting to think I might actually like it. “Backslidin’” and “Sport Death” might be my favorites so far.

Was a bit shakey hand gif about it on listening on Friday. Is ok.