Speedy Ortiz

are a band who I like.

In related news, they have released a new track

I’m surprised this thread isn’t getting attention, I thought they were more popular on here. I loved the two full lengths and the Sports EP. I’m going to wait to listen until the album comes out so I’m surprised.

“Plough” is such a good song.

whenever i hear one of their songs my ears prick up and i’m like yesss. But then I listen to their albums, and there’s so much samey filler. Makes me a sad boy.

New album is streaming on NPR:

Yeah they’re a band who I like the idea of, more than when I listen to them. There are some good songs though

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What are people thinking about this? I hated it on the first few listens but suddenly it started clicking yesterday and I’m starting to think I might actually like it. “Backslidin’” and “Sport Death” might be my favorites so far.

Was a bit shakey hand gif about it on listening on Friday. Is ok.

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new album is solid, probably most i’ve liked a release since their first (?) one

always like the idea of them more than the reality, but going back to this one quite a bit. Be fun to finally see them live also

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Agree strongly. Really enjoyed the first album, and had high hopes for more. Nothing else quite ticked the same boxes as that debut album, but I’m enjoying the new one. Low key crush on Sadie Dupuis based on her social media presence.

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Fell asleep in a bush after listening to them at Primavera Porto 2014. Haven’t listened since. Time to give this new one a shot.

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