Spencer Krug (last Moonface LP)


This was brought about by someone pointing out that Spotify had a new “Moonface” single on his artist page…but it was by another band.

He’s usually quite self-critical so proclaiming this upcoming Moonface album to be his “best” is either exciting or a huge wind up. Some way to go to beat Julia…

Love me some SK


Yeah, I listened to that Moonface track and was wondering what was going on.


I wonder if this will finally be his Vibraphone album?

Listening to Dreamland right now, it’s astonishing how many melodies and emotions he gets into one long song with one main instrument. Genuinely think few contemporary peers can compare to his talent…and I appreciate how he’s true he’s stayed to himself over the years.


Would love an album as strong as Julia. Nice to be reminded of it as I’m gonna listen to it on the way to work tmw.


Think Daughter And The Dove is in my top ten tracks of all time


Krug is one of the all time greats


Such a track, can never listen just once.


He is a genuine musical genius