Spend £50

It’s a bit quiet today so I thought I’d try to start a thread about nice things.

I’m giving you all £50 each. No strings attached, no guilt needed, you’re not allowed to donate it to charity or save it or pay off loans or anything like that. This is for indulgence. What are you spending it on? Go!

I’m thinking about £50 worth of pizza. Or one pizza with £50 worth of cheese on it. :drooling_face:

Maybe I’d buy myself some flowers and a fancy cake and some bighams Mac and cheese. That’d do.

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Craft beer shop 4 ridiculously expensive cans/bottles that i’d have second thoughts about otherwise



Boxing gloves
Train ticket somewhere nice for the weekend
Or put towards a new suit because I annoyingly need a new suit


That’s a good shout - some pricey, stupidly strong beers.

Actually i’m craft wankering tomorrow so will end up doing that anyway.
Can i save it until tomorrow and get the first few rounds in in oshea’s for the lads during the united match

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200 freddo bars


A day’s childcare and then just sit quietly and watch an entire movie uninterrupted. Can’t think of anything I want more right now.


Well I really need some new shoes, and some new glasses/an eye test so I’ll have to say… a bottle of this gin (£38.99)

some nice Devonian tonic (£3.98) and the remaining £7.03 on pork scratchings and crisps. Thanks laelfers :grinning:


You may (you’ll probably need to drown your sorrows)


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I’ll use it for a train ticket please Laefers. Thank you very much btw, extremely generous of you x

Can’t afford to go out at the moment, so: Pub.

Lego is a great call, but I don’t think there’s any sets in the £50 region I want at the moment.

Would probably spend it on the new Gruff Rhys when that comes out and some other vinyl.

Can I use it to subsidise a more expensive purchase?

Standard indulgent £50 Friday spend - two vinyls from the record shop, two four packs of craft beer in Tesco’s 2-4-£9 deal :+1:


Where’s your train going to pal?

Astral Chain on Switch and a tenners worth of sweets and treats.

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I would invest it in the stock market