Spend a night with your favourite Billy. Only 70 euro (before fees)


\m/ 240p

I actually enjoy that song but that rip of it is awful, Billys voice is piercing on it because all the low and high end is missing through compression.



Also great at naming cats. Is there anything he can’t do?


Djali Zwan archives coming in 2019 apparently.




I have only myself to blame for that one.


Such a tease


Imagine if he actually did that, might be a solid album then


Zeitgeist Remixed tracklist

  1. Doomsday Clock (feat. Flo Rida)
  2. 7 Shades of Black (feat. Flo Rida)
  3. Bleeding the Orchid (feat. Flo Rida)
  4. That’s the Way (My Love Is) (feat. Flo Rida and Alex Jones)
  5. Tarantula (feat. Flo Rida)
  6. Starz (feat. Flo Rida)
  7. United States (feat. Flo Rida)
  8. Neverlost (feat. Flo Rida)
  9. Bring the Light (feat. Flo Rida)
  10. (Come On) Let’s Go! (feat. Flo Rida)
  11. For God and Country (feat. Flo Rida)
  12. Pomp and Circumstances (feat. Flo Rida)


i will always maintain that Tarantula is an absolute stomper of a track


Found this clearing out my old room


Annoying they’re only doing two expensive arena shows in Europe but it’s a great way to ensure they get some festival slots over here next summer I guess.

As much as I’ve been poised for this tour to be a disaster reports from the US dates have been good to really great from most fans online.


I’ve watched a fair bit of YouTube footage, found it very lacklustre which is good as it is easier for me to boycott




Batting machines of god


Someone needs to jump in the Delorean and take this picture to early 90’s Pumpkins:

“This is what you will become…”


I wonder if D’arcy ever knew she’d grow up to be Peter Hook’s son.


Stereogum seems to think that’s Jeff. The Shredder can’t get any respect.


Apparently it was Nirvana


Classic Corgan modesty