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Where did the whole Billy Corgan isn’t modest thing come from? Was it because he was proud of his work? Nearly everything I’ve read from him (and especially during the original run) reveals a very modest, self-deprecating person who is proud of his work and feels like it doesn’t get the respect it deserves (which is true). He’s always talking up other bands and comparing himself unfavorably to them.



I dunno, going on about how underappreciated your pretty famous and successful band are isn’t the standard behaviour of a particularly modest man


They were famous and successful, but they never got the respect they deserved or proper recognition in a historical context. I think acknowledging that and being frustrated by it (especially when the media has always treated you like a cartoon villain) is pretty reasonable and understandable. It’s not like he’s out there saying, “I’m the greatest of all time and all of these other bands suck,” which is the perception that most people have of him.

I’ve been thinking about it too recently - he has a reputation for starting feuds with other bands, but are there any actual examples of his being a dick to them? I can think of a lot of examples of other artists unnecessarily being dicks to him (Pavement, Nick Cave, Soundgarden, Kim Gordon, Bush, etc.) and a lot of examples of his going out of his way to praise other artists (Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots, White Stripes, Mars Volta, Sigur Ros, etc.).


The bit where he says they should be in the rock n roll hall of fame was a bit weird, they had only been eligible one year


To be fair though, the moment they became eligible they should have renamed it after him and thrown everyone else out for not measuring up.


I’m really enjoying the Q&A stuff he’s doing, the genuine answers and the pissed off or sarcastic ones. Looks as if he just signed the legal paperwork today to get the Machina reissue going, and we’ll be getting a new solo album next year too.

I wonder if he’s trolling us with “Untitled” originally being slated for Shrek.


Yeah the hall does lack credibility if other bands are allowed in


Any details on machina?


Nah, hopefully more people ask about it over the next couple days now that he’s said it, but in general he’s giving very short answers.


Anyone asked him about the Alex Jones takedown?


Unfortunately no, I’m guessing any Alex Jones related stuff gets blocked. On the political end, he’s said he’s afraid the current political climate is moving in an irreversible direction. I hope it’s not naive of me to think he’s being logical (Trump and the GOP are destroying the country to the point of no return) and not referring to fear of Democratic Socialists gaining momentum / Alex Jones nonsense.

I really, really, really wish he’d apologize for going on Infowars.


I’m not optimistic, saw him post something about him wishing people would wake up from propaganda, seemed Jones-y



Toxicity was System of a Down, mate


Recently come round to the idea that machina was their peak era


I like how that article cites that clickbait Vice article as a source. It basically boiled down to “Billy Corgan is crazy because he dated people, had a life outside of music, and continued making music.”


I also like how they tried to imply he said fake news because it suited the article’s narrative and then quietly walked it back.

I’m by no means a champion of the Monuments era and thought certain reviews were spot on in their assessment of its shortcomings, but I think he has a point about pre-written reviews in general - not that they’re literally pre-written, but that the reviewers have their mind made up ahead of time and write the review accordingly. You see this on the positive end of the spectrum all the time - the critical world clearly decided mbv was a great album before they heard it (even though it’s the embodiment of lackluster and something they would have ripped apart if a new band had released it) and clearly decided Tame Impala had “made the leap” even though there was nothing special about that album at all.


If it had been released in 1968 we’d be hearing “Kids these days don’t listen to real music, they can’t even represent it pictorially” from every baby boomer on the planet.


somebody once told me the world is a vampire sent to draiiinn