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Machina was always more in need of a rewrite than it was a remaster, amirite?


No, it just needed the world to catch up to it


Needed a good producer and some massive trimming of meandering dirges/excesses.


Googled Corgan to see what he was up to and this came up


“Earlier this year, Smash Mouth covered Car Seat Headrest. Smashing Pumpkins are on a reunion tour. The director of Shrek appeared on the new Death Grips album.”


I mean, how dare he steal the thunder that is rightly Smashmouths


Well done he’s Smashmouth


They weren’t featured on the Chicago edition of that Foo Fighters film despite of being one the biggest selling artists


Schroeder broaches infowars (in instagram it showed who asked)



Looking forward to the media running stories about today’s Bowie answers as if they live in a world without jokes.


Corgan did me there, I was like I’ve seen you chatting with Bowie on YouTube you liar





Two depressing bits from yesterday’s Q&A session:

  • There was originally going to be a follow up to The Future Embrace in a similar style but he scrapped it due to the negative reaction.

  • He absolutely does not think the electoral college should be abolished.

On the bright side, it seems as if there’s a lot of stuff in the archives that’s going to be coming out.


Also the Chicago Kid project is going to be released apparently. I’ve never heard anything from that but I know that even his harshest critics are high on it, so that’s exciting.


Struggling to comprehend that no follow up to The Future Embrace is deemed as ‘depressing’


The Future Embrace is a great album and it’s aged really well. I wish there were other bands making music like it.


Machina boxset on its way.