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Looking forward to the ‘actually better than Nirvana’ reviews




Are there any great albums similar to The Future Embrace? I’m really wanting more in that style and mood lately.


No it is a singular work of genius


I find the less poppy bits of digital ash kinda similar


I haven’t listened to TheFutureEmbrace for almost a decade, I’d say. I remember quite liking it but also feeling that it was lacking something. That mix of electronicy, guitary rocky (almost but not really) pop is just the kind of thing that gets me high, and it’s what I wanted more of on Adore. So in that respect, I really like TheFutureEmbrace.

But from memory I think I felt either that it was a little light on “bangers” or that the songwriting was generally a bit plodding. I know I love Camera Eye and A100, but I can’t really remember the rest. Will give it a listen tomorrow, I think.


I can understand that, I felt a little bit that way even though I always loved it. While they’ve grown on me, the last three songs don’t quite hit the way the first nine do and I wish he had included some heavier or bigger songs there. There was definitely more material available, and I know Bit 5 in particular is pretty popular among fans.

DIA and I’m Ready are probably my two favorites on the album, but really the first 9 songs are flawless as far as I’m concerned. The last three are good too, the intro melody to “Sorrows” is a little bit jarring though.

I wish I could find something with that uptempo but sad melodic electro-shoegaze thing going on. TFE is really the only thing I want to listen to lately.


Without actually relistening to confirm, I’m wondering whether Ladytron’s Witching Hour and Velocifero might come close (sort of) to what you want (in case you’re not already familiar with them).


Confirmed yesterday that Machina would be getting re-released ‘as originally conceived’ - so I’m guessing that means the full, correctly sequenced double album treatment.

Whatever they end up doing, I just hope that none of the tracks from the Machina 2 bootleg are omitted. I want both versions of Here’s To The Atom Bomb, please.


I was disappointed he said he would be commissioning all new art work, Vasily Kafanov’s art work is better than the album and the album is a 10/10


Corgan has been making some positive LGBTQ+ comments in his instagram Q+A, which is nice, wish he would actually put it into action and apologise for the deviever stuff


I really, really don’t think he’s right wing or a Trump supporter. To me he really comes across as a typical baby boomer centrist liberal who doesn’t fully understand the issues. And instead of choosing to learn about them he’s chosen skepticism because it’s easier and a way to trick yourself into feeling smart / special and it’s led him down some stupid / edgy roads.


I dunno, he took part in that infowars anti-hillary fundraiser before the election, to not at least see trump as the greater of two evils is pretty much the same as supporting him, also that weird defence he made ‘trump wouldn’t need to hire prostitutes because he is so rich he wouldn’t ‘need’ to’ (he seemed so proud of his deductive skills here, but I’m pretty sure rich people have been known to hire prostitutes)


Oh wow, I didn’t know that, I thought he just went on the show to complain about social justice warriors. That’s a morning ruiner right there.



Love the line suggesting Alex Jones isn’t propaganda or entertainment but an honest person. I forgot about the Bernie Sanders thing too, or more realistically somehow blocked it out. Ugh.


its quite depressing that someone from his background can’t understand why higher taxation might be a good thing, does he think everyone can just become billionaire rockstars


And that’s before even getting to the fact that the higher taxes would be more than offsetting what people pay in premiums and deductibles. But he’s fine with taxes going to bringing in the national guard to Chicago. I really don’t understand people. It’s incredible how many people ended up revealing themselves as awful these past two years, and so many of them are ones you wouldn’t even expect.


Oh yeah, I meant to post about him declaring martial law the other day