Spend a night with your favourite Billy. Only 70 euro (before fees)


I’ve been reminded that extreme talent and intelligence are not necessarily correlated.


Yeah he’s a moron. Isn’t it like 97% of scientists agree about climate change? Yet old baldy Billy thinks he knows better.


he is straight up trolling with a lot of these answers, denying having met people, childish put downs etc. So he might not necessarily not believe in climate change, irresponsible if he was joking, and he may well not have been he does believe in some pretty out there stuff nowadays. I do find it really strange because he didn’t used to be like that, I’ve seen interviews where he is articulate and intelligent whereas nowadays he is quite detached from reality


I’ve been enjoying these q&a’s on my commute, always tempted to send him a link to this thread and ask what he thinks, seems to have a lot of time on his hands in the tour bus, there’s a chance he might get involved


I think that’s my worst nightmare.


Yeah, he’s definitely doing a lot of outright trolling (and I’m enjoying it), but for some reason this answer didn’t register as that - probably because the attacks on “what the media tells you” come across as pretty genuine, and the specifics of the 70s vs. 90s vs. now. Hopefully you’re right though and he got me, because yeah, he used to come across as very intelligent and articulate. Just knowing that he was part of an anti-Hillary fundraiser for Infowars though is really upsetting.


I think people die several times throughout their life, the Billy I liked is long gone


I like that he doesn’t like Scott Pilgrim


literally never heard of this before


really need to ramp up my posting in here then


Anyone heard who is supporting at Wembley? Planning my work day and trying to decide whether to leave early or not.


Heard a rumour he’s planning to do his Siddartha analogue synth piece to warm the crowd up


May buy a ticket now…

checks price online


I’m warm already.



I’m very very sorry.


My Vitriol


But they’ve asked if they can headline this one because Som can’t get out of work early enough for sound check.


If enough of us instagram asked & tweeted this thread i think he could see it. Worth a shot imo


New song today! I might save this one for the album release. Anyone listen yet?


‘It’s better than Solara’ is all I’ve got after one listen. I’ve seen it described as Part 4 in the 1979, Perfect, Try Try Try series, although not as good as any of those obviously.