Spend a night with your favourite Billy. Only 70 euro (before fees)



It’s weird how the assumption always was he shaved his head because he was going bald yet in the making of 1979 clip his stubbley hairline wasn’t particularly receding


I can’t believe you’ve done this


Malcolm Gladwell should do an episode of revisionist history on the subject


any hot takers game?



Bought future embrace cd the other day (can’t find it anywhere digital), seems pretty good


Rocket randomly popped in my head today - what an amazing and underrated song. It’s so unconventionally constructed, especially for a single, and the lead work is phenomenal. It’s one of those special ones where the music itself doesn’t necessarily belong to a specific emotion, but when the many components are assembled (and I do mean many - so many parts are effortlessly joined together in its 4 minutes) and combined with the lyrics, something magical happens and it bursts with pretty much every feeling there is simultaneously.



That headline is clearly from The Onion.


I am listening to it now to find out. 32 mins and 9 songs - I am already feeling warmly disposed to it.

I mean your comment about water implies you’re thinking of tidal forces, which drop off as x/r³ because they are a factor of gravitational forces, which drop off x/r². Anyway the point is that the forces generated by stars are so minuscule as to be unimportant.


I was enjoying it until Run2me. What is this shit?


I think 3.5 is probably right. Might have gone 4 but for Run2me


Corgan would be vindicated had he not just released a zero star album


Taking ownership of the situation before it developed. Classic Corgan power-move




Unreleased zwan to look forward to


I actually have a lot of time for Zwan, but not nearly 65 songs worth of time. That is too much Zwan.


Reckon it might be interesting as when they formed their aesthetic was entirely different, dark and heavy. Apparently the band were under the impression that would be the type of music they would make but Billy told them he wanted to do this 70’s aor thing first. Whether any of that original zwan made it to those sessions I don’t know


Do you think Corgan’s post-Pumpkins career would have gone better if he could stick with an idea for more than 5 minutes?


There were loads and loads of songs they played live that never appeared on the album. Don’t remember them being wildly different, though.

And they were teasing the Djali Zwan album before they split…