Spice World: The Thread

So I’m on the look out for a spice rack.

What you racking? Photos pls.

Also, @laelfy wants to know what the indiest spice is?

just fling em all in a cupboard tbqh


something we should have addressed when doing our kitchen up tbh

currently in a cupboard in their original jars, or decanted if they came in a bag.

mine go in a drawer - sometimes they fall over but it’s fine really

Only have low cupboards… Only shelving up high really. Fling 'em all on a shelf? In a shoebox?

One of these:

Ours are in a couple of shallow boxes in the cupboard.

It’s fine.

Got myself a veg trolley (there was once an exciting thread on that). Use the top tray for me spices isn’t it.

Where do you keep this?

No idea what the indiest spice is because I’m not indie enough but my most used is a toss up between chilli, smoked paprika and cinnamon.

Disappointed in markees answer tbh

Big wicker box. Current kitchen has nowhere near enough storage. Will probably go in a cupboard in the new one which, if anything, has too much storage.

File under: things you didn’t realise you’d need in a new place. I keep finding more of these, e.g. nowhere to put loo roll, nothing to keep shower gel in, etc etc

Is it a white one from ikea? That’s what I use.

Disappointed in everyone so far tbh.

Don’t know about the indiest but Mace is the most hip hopiest.

Don’t disrespect the trolley!

Worst spice? Coriander.

In a cupboard on top of two Tupperware boxes full of more spices (always buy large bags from the Indian supermarket).

No, it’s a dark wicker thing. I don’t think it’s mine, I don’t know where it came from.

take your bad opinions to the herb thread


Oh fuck