Spiciest readily available crisps?


These are pretty spicy:


yeah, those

edit: they really are cracking with a bottle of cold lager


Deffo them. Feeding them to my dad’s dog was fun.


Propa fackin’ geezer crisps, them.


Might get a tattoo of the packet on my chest


never heard of them but my interest has been piqued


I’ve got a yorkie on my arse so why not?


Remember those roulette doritos with super hot ones mixed into a bag of cheesy flavour?

They were shit


Flaming Hot Walkers Max have quite a twang


i liked them. would have preferred a bag just of the spicy ones though.




Are we being very specific on crisp here, or are we encompassing any savoury crunchy snack that may be sold in packets in a pub?


How adorable!


Crisp - are you thinking of thise insane lentil chilli things?



these have a fair punch from what I remember. mustard obviously though, not chilli


Did anyone get lidl ‘Italian’ chilli snacks (middle here)


They were pretty good!


Nope, was thinking of these. Reckon they’re a bit hotter than those Walkers ones. But aren’t a crisp, so don’t count.



can you still get them? used to love those


I used to love those - but my pub companions announced they taste like an ashtray, and they are kind of right and now I don;t like them as much


Love those brannigans