Spicy Food Question - sweating-centric


yesterday, @deadonthestairs and I were discussing sweatiness. he suggested he was the sweatiest person, but then I told him about this time when my friend cooked me a three-course meal and put lots of that chili you get in jars in the risotto (?!).

it was so hot that I had to make two trips to the bathroom to towel myself down.

can I ask how much you sweat when you eat spicy food?

let me know. x


A little, but I’m not a spice warrior so I don’t really get exposed to hugely spicy stuff.


please note that I only towelled myself down around the head and neck - this was not a full-body towelling.


Did you put the tea towel back in its place when you were done?


would you say that you need, at most, a serviette to dab away the odd bead of sweat?


she didn’t keep her tea-towels in the bathroom, Epimer, they wouldn’t be much use there.


I don’t think I even get to serviette levels. I just get a bit of a gleam on.


I sweat a reasonable amount whilst consuming spicy food. Think my ever diminishing barnet makes it appear much worse than it is too.


Spicy food not so much. More from basic movement.




handy for hand-drying.


Sweaty back of the head from spicy food. Sweaty cheeks (face) from strong cheese


do you keep a towel ready during? please let me know.


Personally I think mopping is a missed opportunity. If you just let the sweat dribble down your face then everyone can see what a hero you are, and you can also pretend that you’re hacking through the rainforest.


Sweat bands


I only sweat on my eyelids. No idea why.




Same, sweat around my eyes when I eat spicy food or (and this is weird) a lot of citrus / slightly sour fruit (tangerines, strawberries, mango).


it’s just my eyelids sweating, I’m not crying because it’s too spicy. classic excuse.


this was just me and my friend. there also may have been a romantic subtext that I was on some level in denial of. I also think you underestimate the amount of sweat.