Spider diversity and census

In your home do you think you have:

Lower than average number of spiders
Average number of spiders
Above average number of spiders

Is there a type of spiders that reigns supreme or do you have good arachnid diversity?

I have fucking tons of them, way more than I think is normal and 99% cellar spiders. Creepy little bastards (though I do like that they never run at me like other, supposedly scared, spiders do)

Spider chat welcome.

  • Lower than average number of spiders
  • Average number of spiders
  • Above average number of spiders

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I have a lot of these ones


they really keep to themselves so I leave them alone


Cellar spiders. Same as me bam.

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I’ve certainly got a lower number of spiders than the last two flats I lived in, but did they have above average spiderage, or am I below average now?

My theory is that it’s partly because we don’t have a grass lawn where we are now - I’m sure a lot of spiders we had before came in from their natural habitat of the grass to where it’s nice and warm.

Used to be creeped out by them but I kind of like them now, they don’t do a lot just sit in a corner all day

I don’t mind them at all apart from the fact they get everywhere and there’s so many. I changed the lights in my extraction fan/hood thing over the cooker…they’re even in there.

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if I had to estimate I reckon I have about 20-30 of them in the house right now

Although…they also dont seem to do a very good job catching any flies.

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Average number of spiders. Would like more spiders. Please send me some spiders.


I have about that behind my toilet. I’m really over run. Don’t want to disturb them but JFC they’re taking over.

they seem to have a lot of little kids don’t they? I see a lot of tiny translucent ones. Very sneaky!

think I have the most spiders in any home ever.
House was vacant for about 2 years, and they just took over
My wife sent me a pic of a spider about 2 mins ago that she is freaking out about.
Most are false widows in my house…
Sometimes will have almost 100 baby spiders on the bathroom or ceiling of my son’s room and I have to hoover them up with the dyson…

They shed their skin as they grow too so a lot of them are just ghost spiders I think

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Above average, being a ground floor flat that opens straight onto the gardens. Mostly fairly chill but try to keep them at ceiling height so the cat doesn’t get them.

No offence Scout, but an absolute must mute for me. Absolutely shit scared. Even the word spiders makes me feel queasy.

I heard spiders legs are like pneumatically powered or something rather than muscles and that’s why when they die their legs all curl up?

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lorra lorra legs


I’d say our cat is the reason we don’t have a lot. She’ll eat any insect or arachnid that comes her way, the absolute weirdo.

Probably have lower than average number due to the fact I keep all windows shut when I’m out of the house (which is 12hrs+ a day for the working week) so this must limit the opportunity for them to invade.

Also if I do see one then I grab my handy old BT phone book as that rolls up nicely because that thing has to go if I have any chance of sleeping at night!