Spiders at home 🏡 🕷

The ones just chilling in the corner of the ceiling minding their own business. What do you do?

  • Welcome your new roommate and hope they enjoy their stay
  • Conduct a humane and immediate eviction
  • Instant kill
  • Pretend it isn’t there

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Depends on the size of them. If they’re little tiddlers then they can stay for as long as they wish, if they’re too big then they get politely popped outside (classic method of glass and envelope for me)


I do judge people a bit who kill spiders tbh, seems a bit mean and unnecessary


Once was cleaning out the shed and my brother caught an absolute monster of a spider in a tupperware box and put it out on the street. Then we saw it trying to come back :sob:


The spider is considered by many to be the most terrifying beast in our realm.


:smiley: very bold of the spider! Maybe he’d forgotten his suitcase or something


They’re not too bad, they are pretty respectful and stay away unlike SOME others ( :fly: :mosquito: ) and their symmetry is pleasing to the eye

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Aw it looks like a kiwi fruit


Absolutely haunted by cellar spiders. The absolute most pointless lads of all time, oooo you came near, gonna vibrate loads for a bit then resume staying completely still in this corner for the next 47 years. Pretty sure they don’t even eat anything.

Has really made me value the good old days, pre this flat, of good fat spiders that strike the fear of god into you about whether they’ll run into you mouth or ears or something.


We have one of these for capture and extraction. Works everytime

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Not convinced this Pets at Home spinoff is going to work lads.


(and hope my wife doesn’t notice them)

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Spiders are also really useful around the house in general, especially if you’re near a garden and it’s hot. Catch lots of little bugs and pests for you.

I once saw a wasp struggling in a spider web for about five minutes whilst a happy spider looked on. I first heard this horrible buzzing sound near my window and checked what it was. TBH it was pretty upsetting to watch but I’d rather have the spider deal with the wasp than me! It was pretty brutal though.

Also we’re pretty lucky we don’t get many big scary ones in the UK. Most of them would never bite you, and even if they did, it would probably only be a minor irritant like a bee or wasp sting.


I thought cellar spiders were good for dealing with the ‘please don’t go in my face while I sleep you massive beast’ spiders? I think someone on here told me that. I keep them around for exactly that reason, because I’m not into the big ones.

Yeah, i mean i literally never see any other types of spiders here even though there’s tons of them in the storage cupboard just outside of the flat.

Not sure why they’re so scared of the creepy cellar guys.

What i hate about them is the weird places i find their corpses…when i took apart my extractor fan above the cooker to clean it some where in there and it really grossed me out.

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I never kill spiders

might put them out if they get too big or make a home in annoying places, otherwise I like them as allies against flies


grass/bug type

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There’s nothing in my flat for them to eat, I try to usher them out because they’ll just starve to death tbh. There’s multiple mummified spider bodies I’ve missed over the years to indicate this.

There’s usually one in my bath in the morning.

the big black furry ones get captured and taken outside, the little spindly ones that chill in the corner stay there

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