Spielbergs (for fans of early early Idlewild, Japandroids, Beach Slang etc)


Only three songs on Spotify but go and listen to ‘We Are All Going To Die’ NOW.

Discovered these guys after going down a Spotify wormhole the other night - from Oslo but sound like Beach Slang and or early Japandroids. I cannot get enough of them - full five song EP out at the end of the month. Would pay good money to have it now.


Enjoyed those singles a lot.


Just finished my first listen and my initial impression was that Track 3 is amazing.


Brilliant stuff, this ep is gold


Ooo like the sound of these…


Loved the first spin of this earlier, gonna crank it over the wknd? Are they from Oslo?


I believe so! All I know is the result of a google or two, but I believe they’re working on a full length now. I also think, frustratingly, I might have just missed seeing them in London the other day.


Been listening to the opening track for about 6 weeks. Lovely, lovely stuff


Just downloaded the EP. It sounds exactly my kind of thing, I’ll listen on the train tomorrow and report back.


Lovely stuff this. Thank you.


Yeah, I’ve been listening to this ep lots this weekend. I like that the first two tracks have the same energy that Japandroids had before they went the wrong side of Springsteen. The third song might be my favourite though, some lovely guitar playing on that.


This really might be the best album of the year, the first three songs especially are incredible. I can’t think of the last time a debut EP grabbed me like this since Silversun Pickups’ Pikul.


I find that as there’s always so many new albums I wanna check out I (wrongly) ignore eps. Glad I didn’t in this case though. Just bloody brilliant isn’t it?! They still seem relatively under the radar too so hopefully get the time they need to work on their debut


Great stuff. Hope they can carry on with this kind of quality. Bought the cassette for the novelty. Great find @josephk !


Really delighted that you’re all hearing the same thing as me - definitely the freshest rock release I’ve heard this year, but with an exuberant edge of something more. Can’t wait to get to see them live.