Spielbergs (for fans of early early Idlewild, Japandroids, Beach Slang etc)

FYI - Their debut album, This is Not The End, is out today.

Guttingly, I’m out of the country for their tour - hope someone goes along to let us know how they sound!

The album got a fairly average review in Q Magazine…3/5.
I’m hoping they got it completely wrong and it turns out to be outstanding!

CD should be delivered today.

to balance this I was lucky to get a copy to review and loved it (gave it an 8.5…not that I particularly enjoy giving scores). Look forward to hearing what you think

Yeah, I like your review better!

What can I say, I’m a traditionalist.

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This is the best Japandroids album since Celebration Rock.

Seriously though, the first four tracks alone are such life affirming ragers. Fuzzed out indie rock is just my favourite. I hope this album has the staying power…


Was just checking out Spielberg’s Bandcamp site and there is another band called Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam listed in the same record label…fuck me, this is VERY good as well!

they’re playing at a festival I’m at in May…I will check them out

Seen them supporting johnny foreigner a few times - very good band

Isn’t that the band that feature ex-Distophia / Calories member(s)?

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I have no.idea! Is that another 2 bands I’ll have to look up and.probaby buy CD’s of?


Distophia definitely! One of the best but most regrettably disregarded bands from 00s British alt/indie-rock. Pretty sure the bearded singer in the below is now in Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam.


McDonald’s is amazing/hilarious as well. Yeah, really enjoying it as a front to back listen.


I can’t believe I forgot this was coming out. I’m liking it so far, but it’s definitely going to be more of a grower than the EP which was pretty much one of the most immediately great things I’ve heard. It’ll probably be my album of the month.

The closer is fantastic and a perfect blend of their two main styles:


Finally got listening to this today after lp showed up late.
Great stuff. Hope they get over to Ireland soon.

Could agree more about forevermore being the perfect blend of what they do best. ‘NFL’ is another highlight

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So in spite of their name reminding me of landfill indie also-rans and the album cover reminding me of Feeder, I gave this a listen. It’s a bit bloody good isn’t it?


Hell yes!
Cover reminds me of American Football and Hotelier. So they’re in good company :slightly_smiling_face:


That twist in Bad Friend is one of my favorite parts of the album, it reminds me a bit of TWIABP:

And 4 am is fantastic

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