Spielbergs (for fans of early early Idlewild, Japandroids, Beach Slang etc)

Yeah it was a fucking brilliant set. Short and sweet, if every song is brilliant then 45-50 minutes is plenty. But yeah, 40 people there max.

Thought support were ok, only saw two songs but they then stood next to me and talked right throughout the gig - bellends.

I’ve noticed Speilbergs are supporting Foxing in London and Brighton in July.

Is anyone going tonight?
Tempted to go on my own tonight but its a bit of a trek and I’ve got a busy weekend.

Sorry shinymcshine. I wasn’t supposed to reply to you.

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It’s definitely worth while seeing these guys!

Oh, and hopefully them supporting Foxing will mean another UK tour to coincide.

Only just listened to the record today, absolutely loving these…but, just found out they played near me yesterday…dammit

Love the immediate punchy loud stuff but ‘Familiar’ is just the thing I’ve been craving for a while now.

Sod it. Free ticket booked. I’m going. They are on at 9:30, so it shouldn’t be a late one.

Well that was a little bit good. So glad I went in the end.

Absolutely brilliant live, and the place was rammed which they seemed overwhelmed by. That was one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a very long time. Made me feel 15 again, which was a long time ago.

Also bought a tshirt, which I haven’t done in a good 10 years or so.


I went as well. Was really good. Loved the guy on keyboards who seemed so happy and having the time of his life. Both support bands were really good as well.

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Ha yes. I was stood on the right side wall right in front of him. They all seemed lovely guys,

Here’s a crap photo.

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Cheers for this, dude!

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I went too. It was a great gig, if not quite touching the heights of the Limiñanas on Wednesday. Would see them again for sure.


Can confirm that that was absolutely brilliant.
Going to be hard for anything to top that this year.

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I have to see them at some point this year…

Great new track from a forthcoming EP…


This is excellent, another huge bastard chorus of fun. They were great live at Trees this year.

It’s another good 'un, enjoyed them live supporting foxing earlier this year.