Spilled anything today?

Will take liquids or solids but post in this thread any details of something you spilled today and the ramifications thereof.

No, managed not to today actual. A fumble free day, so far

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Paid £3.20 for a coffee and spilled approx £0.40 of it down my coat

Yeah the tap at the new office is very fast and every time I fill my bottle it over fills and spills a bit as I take it away

Couple of olives from a long jar. Bastards!

Went to reach for my cup of tea and laptop slipped off my lap and knocked my tea after I had got hold of it and spilt some on the sofa.
If you had made this thread yesterday I could have told you I dropped an egg on the floor!

Washing up water overflowed onto my trousers, standard washing up antics. I remember the days when this never happened. Can’t figure out what’s changed to make this a near daily occurrence.

You clumsy oafs!

I haven’t I’m afraid, Ant. There’s still time, though. I’ll let you know if I do.

Don’t purposefully spill something just to contribute to the thread though, it would be really admirable from a community perspective but I still wouldn’t advise it (unless you really want to of course)

The beans!

In a hot celebrity interview.

Where did you get it from?

Nice thread interpretation!

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The beans!

From my dinner, onto my t-shirt!

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Cottage pie
Hot from the oven
First serving
Spilled a bit of the mince while plating up
Instinctively/reflexively grabbed the falling mince with my free hand (left)
Burned my hand
Had to run my hand under the cold tap for about 90 seconds

I hope this satisfies the requirements of the thread

Yeah I spilled some coffee grounds earlier as I was transferring them from the packet to a glass container.

It sure does! Thank you for your sacrifice.

None of your bloody business!


Oh fuck!

Not today, but yesterday I was tired and started making a pot of filter coffee, got halfway thru and realised the lid was still on the pot so I was brewing coffee directly onto the floor. Brilliant.