Spilled anything today?

This is a good(?) day for this question for me. I had jacket potato and beans with salad for my lunch in the office today.

Spilled bean juice down both my top and leggings. Then I got a bit of lettuce caught in my hair…not an issue you’d think…it was cause it had salad cream on it!

Ramifications are that although I got the stain out of my leggings I was too slow on my top so have had a weird mark on that all day, and I have a bit of my hair which smelt vaguely of salad cream (have now washed it out).


Nothing today and this is rare

Oh no actually I spilled taco fluid down my arm today, it is £1 taco day in tortilla and I got 2, and the salsa I like is very watery

  • I’m forlorn about having spilled something today
  • I spilled something today but I’m not forlorn about it
  • I didn’t spill anything today but I’m forlorn about something else
  • I didn’t spill anything today and am not forlorn about anything

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Oaves? :thinking:

Oaves of dread

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The tea

I spilled the Pineapple pieces for the pizza on Wednesday night.


Just spilled my morning cup of tea on the pouffe if this thread is still taking submissions

Get out

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