Spin off from the "i've recklessly handed my notice in" thread. Where could you go and stay or travel around for a few months cheaply at short notice (like a few months)? (sort of ssp)

When I say sort of SSP, I’d rather have a sarcy reply than none.


I meant to say far away, like the small cows


but I don’t live in England

Further away though - probably Italy, since I know people who live there and could let me stay.

travel across the Antarctic initial, out lay is quite high but once your there, there not many shops to spend money in

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A ?

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Yes I know terrible grammar, I am very tired had to give my parents a lift to the airport at 5am

Could do some https://www.workaway.info/ if you’re able bodied and want to work for your food and board. Quite a wide variety of stuff people are offering on this. You have to pay 30 smakeroonis before you can contact people though

I have heard about this and its apparently a very good way to visit places, but you have to take the good with the bad!

I’m going to have a go at it soon hopefully. My cousing reccomended it, she went and worked in a hostel in Prague and had a wild time. I’m more about chopping trees down for some random old couple in France who don’t speak English, or helping some hopelessly idealistic hippies with their undermanned and underskilled permaculture farm

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Girona, always Girona

(my my my my girona)

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India seems fairly affordable


Hire a mini van and drive round Eastern Europe.

The west midlands.

the names alone are so evocative


Dream big my friends. #YOLO

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Is it your lunch time sexybum?

The Balkans are extremely affordable to get to, stay in, eat in. stunning scenery, fascinating history, really friendly people and great (/cheap) hostels.

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My wife and I are excited for the vacation we’ve booked in Europe to Spain and definitely we will go to the Canary. Gran Canaria is one of our eyeing place for our 1st stop :slight_smile: There so many thing we want to do from a page we’ve read https://www.canaryislandsinfo.co.uk/gran-canaria/places/maspalomas/.I wanted to know if you have experience traveling to this wonderful Island.

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