Spinal Tap II


please dont


These go to II.


Thought there already was a sequel that was a straight to TV film called ‘The Return of Spinal Tap’ and people hated it.

There was and is, and I enjoyed it.

Weird that this news breaks now, as Ric Parnell died last week. Who played, what else, the drummer.

I am kinda interested in it, I must admit. As long as Rob Reiner is directing, not Christopher Guest. I know there a lot of fans of his films as director. I’m not one of them.

But Reiner, he is a great film director. Isn’t North one of the classics. I think it might be.



I’m gonna say “No”.

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Oh come - you have to refer to experts when it comes to North. Look at this review. Clearly Ironic, granted.

or their original review. Even more ironic, Trying ti hide how great it is.

I’ll be honest, this is the most I’ve thought about North since I saw it once as a child.
Like then I’m fine with not thinking about it any more :smiley:

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Nah, it’s despicable. Rob Reiner made some great films, then he made North.And now a sequel about as much wanted as From Sir To Love 2 was.

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Oh no. Oh no no no.

Sack Reiner off, get Guest to do it with Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara etc in it in some way and I might give it a go.

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No Fred Willard though, what’s even the point



Good life motto that.

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I mean divorced from the people actually involved there is potential here to skewer things in the modern industry when it comes to ageing bands still touring. But I don’t really see how it’ll actually work out that way. Reiner was a progressive 30-40 years ago, seems unlikely now.
And the way the Simpsons guys got shirty over being called out for Apu makes me think the rest of the cast might well not be quite in the right space to do something great either.

My thoughts exactly. If it’s just an attempt at “more of the same” it’ll be a disaster.

I think Guest and McKean are still good eggs. McKean particularly was extremely good in Better Call Saul.


Talented people involved. Big chance that the massive bag of cash is going to override any quality control though. Will reserve judgement.