Spiral is back!

This saturday on bbc4

To the two people who watch it, YOU ARE WELCOME.

(I cant wait!)


I’ve got it series linked already.

Thanks for creating a thread for it. For me, it’s the most consistently best overseas drama that BBC4 has at that slot.

I usually watch it on Sunday mornings. Looking forward to my Sunday mornings being great for the next six weeks.


Tres bien!

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Borgen tops it for me but the characters in Spiral are so well written. One of my favourite ever shows.

Cant remember any of the last season though!

oh nice, had no idea a new series was imminent

p.s. pls vote for spiral in zeal’s telly thread guys!

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Time to start constantly muttering to myself: “Precedament don engrenages” that sticks in my head for the entire show run.


What’s the thread called? Cant see it

I remember the final scene of the last episode.

I think she ran away from the hospital when she was due to take her baby home.

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Did the judge die?!

Oh. I can’t remember actually. You’ve triggered my memory that he wasn’t well.

an evergreen quote


Have you ever read the kids book Oh No George?

Gilou is George.

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is it good now? feel like the first season was great, second season good, then pretty sure I hated 3 and only watched a bit of 4 before giving up but I can’t remember exactly

I don’t think it’s as good as it was - still good tho!

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Despite making the thread I still forgot. Got that to look forward to tonight

Saw the first one. Nice start to the series. Will watch the second one later.

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All caught up. So happy it’s back. Love Gilou’s massive meat hands.

Gah, hate waiting a week for the next one.

Saw the second one just now. Great to have it back.

Hoping one day I’ll have an attic to stand under whilst cash rains down on me from it.