Spirituality poll thread offshoot poll thread (SIGN? NOT A SIGN?)


Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, you’re alone in a foreign country and have set off on your first ever pilgrimage. It’s just the break of dawn and you’ve been walking for five hours through pitch black country roads and farm tracks trying to keep focus and courage by praying. And as you come out from a small wooded area in the middle of nowhere, you are greeted by this view:

  • Definitely a sign
  • Er, yeah, not a sign
  • Really want to say “not a sign”, but it does look awfully like a sign…?

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  • Dove
  • Angel
  • Like I said, not a sign
  • Something else (explain below)

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Think it’s a “bird”.


Looks like a pawn wearing a cape

(not a sign)


That’s really beautiful :slight_smile:


Actually can I change my answers to “it is a sign, and so were each of the times that a bird didn’t appear on walking around a corner”?




how did you feel when you saw it?


If you’re on a pilgrimage it’s a sign.

If you’re not then it’s just a cloud happening to form a shape.


It was kind of a wow moment because I had been so scared and so relieved that it was finally dawn, and that was just the ‘keep going’ thing. But then I figured signs don’t happen to people like me so brushed it off as a happy coincidence. But I keep looking back at it and going “but maybe?”. Doesn’t really matter either way, but it sure was lovely.

It’s not like it was just a random cloud on the walk either. It was my first view of dawn having come out of the woods where you couldn’t see the sky. The first thing. Right in front of the sun. With no other defined-shaped clouds around (trust me, I looked). Bit more significant than “some random cloud that you happened to go past”.


It opened up her eyes.
Life is demanding, without understanding


This is a very pretty skyline


This. I’ve answered based on the OP which says I’m on a pilgrimage.

Obviously it’s not really a sign because, you know, the universe doesn’t work like that.


That’s a cloud, m8




Oh and some pest in front of it



It would be nice, if angels existed, for them to do more than prance about a bit wouldn’t it


But then, what is religion without mystery?


An old man with a collection tin


I think the fact that the world and our perception can combine to deliver overwhelming moments of beauty is more significant than the idea of a specific sign. If there is any kind of meaning or divinity in existence I’d rather see it expressed in necessary experience of beauty in a world rather than in the haphazard revelation of something specifically decided one moment and restrained in the next. So that’s how I’d see this, as something that is there to be seen because that is the world that we live in. They’re lovely photos and this is a lovely story by the way.