Spitballing Thread

Sliders + socks instead of slippers for around the house.

  • Eminently sensible, your feet will be warm but also remain fresh.
  • This is a crime against fashion/ban request.

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Other ideas for discussion are welcome.

Voted sensible but I never wear socks in the house so not something i’d do (slippers for life), but I appreciate the logic.

Voted sensible because I don’t think it warrants a ban but wouldn’t slippers be more comfortable?


In the beforetimes yes. But after two years of WFH I am so sick of slippers.

How come?

I’d like to see more spitballing in this thread please

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Bare feet always

Tell you what ‘invention’ I saw for first time today. You know how when you go to a shopping centre or something and there will be a leak in the roof and there is just a bucket there to catch the water?
Well this was essentially just some hazard sign that sat over a bucket, with a sort of slided edges to channel the water into the bucket beneath (you could see the standard bucket sat under this sign when you looked through the hole)….
One of the most pointless things I’ve ever seen!

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Just to be clear, I wasn’t claiming to have invented socks with sliders.

Wtf?! I feel lied to

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I got some new slippers this week, they’re so good, I’m so happy with them

my xmas ones smell a bit now

A brand collaborations style thread. But instead of it being Lacoste X Supreme or some bollocks it’s MrKipling&CillitBang or @ma0sm X @shrewbie

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