Spitting Thread (Polls aplenty)

Whatever your level of expertise, advanced, intermediate or just starting out in your spitting career, this is the thread for you.

It’s all here in this thread. The best spitting stories, tips, theory, techniques, jokes, cartoons etc.

Can’t spit for toffee? Check out @japes ’ tutorial videos. Link further down.

I’ll kick it off.

So, what’s the gene that makes men spit in the urinal?



Produce lots of saliva so spit lots during a run or footy match. Not much otherwise.
Big fan of bodie’s spitting technique in the wire

urinal spitting is uncouth

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I absolutely cannot stand spitting.

I am very vocal if someone spits anywhere I can see it or hear it.


quite rightly

I’m exclusively a drunk-at-a-urinal spitter.

Urinals and during sports only for me

Sexy spitting anonypoll

  • The more the merrier
  • You absolute wrong un

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People that use urinals sub thread:

Worse behaviour?

  • People that spit in urinals next to you
  • People that audibly fart next to you

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people that talk to you


Good answer, yeah that probably is worse than either

Spitting is 100% controllable. Farting is mostly controllable, but not always.

Spitting is fucking disgusting. End of.

Got a colleague who occasionally spits into the bin between our desks. Like, spits out bits of food he doesn’t want to chew and stuff. It’s his first proper job and I have no idea how he got it / is still here.

Vile stuff.

Disagree on this one my man!

Usually people farting audibly take a lot of glee and sometimes double up their badness by talking to you as well.

Anon poll

  • I have accidentally spat on my own chap whilst weeing
  • Haven’t don’t that
  • Don’t spit anyway/other answer

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Well yeah I didn’t say all types of it were acceptable.

Not ruling it in or out at this stage but tending towards no.

just vote in the poll saps