[spoiler]Cycling[/spoiler] For Beginners

OK. So I have been doing a bit of cycling on my old mountain bike as a means to stay fit(ish) during this Covid Shit. I ride the same course 3/4 times a week and just try to beat my previous time if I can so I am pedalling hard the whole time.

Just looking for any tips on how to get the optimum out of each ride, maintenance, fitness, breathing technique. Anything really

Carbon fork.

Nice title

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Oi @zxcvbnm2, Noah’s treading on you toes.

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In general though, you’ll be more effective and put less strain on legs if you train to spin your legs faster (so ride the same speed in an easier gear, but pedalling faster).

Stamping on the pedals at low revs might feel like a harder workout but can be less effective for stamina and cardio stuff.

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Does your bike have suspension? If so have you locked it out? Suspension can cause the bike to absorb your energy, and so you work harder to go faster.

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The shitter the bike, the more effort for the ride, the better it is for you.

People with fancy bikes at just lazy


Try the training wheels first, then you’ll get the hang of it

It’s also not great for your chain or chain rings, either.

^This is the kind of stuff I need.
Also stuff like:

  • should I stand up to pedal up hills or stay in the saddle?
  • how do I set up the height of the saddle?
  • do I need to keep tyres as pumped up as possible?

Up to you really, whichever feels more comfortable, or mix it up.

This is quite important actually. Watch a quick YouTube video on it if you can be arsed


Not necessarily, but there is an acceptable range of pressure. The max psi will be written on the side of the tyre, if you cba to google pros and cons of different tyre pressures, then as a generalisation I’d go for about 80% of the max.

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