which is worse?

  • getting spoiled on a piece of entertainment
  • people complaining about getting spoiled on a piece of entertainment

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if you’re honest with yourselves, how many pieces of media are really truly affected by knowing a spoiler? 10%?

oh no that guy died! this is where you get the special weapon!

don’t get me wrong intentionally spoiling things for people is a dick move but you have to relax about the spoilerful nature of life


Nothing in entertainment is that important to get upset over knowing beforehand.


personally I often prefer it, Game of Thrones was much more interesting because I looked half of it up online before I started watching

be funny if people got angry about a song being spoiled, no don’t sing the chorus I haven’t heard it yet!

I read spoilers before I watch stuff. Why would you want the unnecessary jeopardy?


Something doesn’t have to be important for it to matter


I just never care tbh

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Are you about to tell us your No.1 computer game before it’s in the thread?


I don’t really care about spoilers in film and TV, but do find spoilersnin games different as they can be incredibly important to the experience of agency.

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that would be fun but I have to work it out first!

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Really enjoying that BTW, was thinking just last week I needed more of your MS Paint wizardry

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thanks! I was getting a bit burnt out so the pace has slowed a bit but I’m keeping at it :slight_smile:

This is all a big set-up to you revealing the Succession ending at 3am on Monday isn’t it.


Not really so concerned about entertainment - I don’t watch that much live TV. I think you can avoid spoilers on most entertainment easily enough.

I need to get my TV aerial sorted before the next Euros / World Cup. Watching on ITV Hub is rubbish when FlashScore and DiS are so far ahead of what I’m watching

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You have until July 20th. I won’t tell you who wins.

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I keep getting ignored by TV aerial repair people


Why won’t you play, gif

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