The file name says it all tbf


We’ve spent the majority of human entertainment consuming stuff because we know what’s going to happen. People went to the theatre in Elizabethan times to see plays because they already knew the plots. Think of those 18th century novels where the chapter titles tell you what is going to happen in that chapter. Nothing that’s half decent will be spoilt by you knowing what’s going to happen beforehand.

Spoiler culture assumes that plot is the only thing that matters, and it’s not a useful way to think about stuff imo

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come on now songs are like 3-5 minutes long how can they be spoiled?!

Pretty sure there was a study done that proved that spoilers don’t reduce how much enjoyment you get out of something compared to not being spoiled

So everyone should just calm down

I don’t particularly mind reading spoilers but i mind people complaining about them even less


Always dig out the spoilers. Even if it’s something I’m really excited about.

Been googling trying to find out what goes off at the end of new Indiana Jones.

I don’t care about spoilers

Not worth worrying what happens in a story if how it’s told is crap


Pretending to care about nothing at all when you’re at this point a full adult by a significant distance and realise that DiS is essentially a hipster graveyard

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I care about loads of stuff
Toast and that

No you don’t and you know it

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Big into toast

Point to ONE post that backs this up

Here’s a many years old thread I made specifically to chat about toast

think art that you genuinely have no preconceived notions of has more of a chance to have an impact on you.

like when I saw Thief on TCM one afternoon

like even someone telling you that something is good is a barrier to the highest highs



Ruffers gets a pass, but only him.

Massive truth

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I dunno, seems better to just be a part of the world and accept things that happen than to try and control all aspects of life

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you’ll never not be influenced by other people

Deliberately reading spoilers is fucking bizarre behaviour though


I’ve never been angry about a song being spoiled, or even thought of that, but I do like to avoid hearing too many singles from an album before it’s out. I’m definitely not alone in that. That’s a form of avoiding spoilers, but a different mindset. Just won’t want to tire of parts before hearing them in context.

I can see that being a reason for avoiding spoilers in tv & movies as well. Short of simply just enjoying surprises (I’d rather not know what a gift is in advance, for example), I think it’s nice to see the development and context around something happening than just to know “this person died” and just wondering how it’s going to happen the whole time. Just want to see the story unfold and be caught by surprise, perhaps. That’s part of the entertainment value. The element of surprise.

So yeah, getting spoiled sucks sometimes. And it’s ok for people to feel that way or not.