Sponge cakes made from trex...

Are much nicer than ones made from butter

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  • Whats trex

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is that why they went extinct


Can’t remember ever using trex other than for some stupid cake decorating stuff at college.

I’d imagine it is on a par with other margarine-like fats but not as good ad butter. I will require cakes to investigate this though.

You gotta trex yoself before you wrex yoself.

20th century cake


I like the idea of starting a thread which sounds like it’s talking about something which exists but is actually talking about something which doesn’t exist.

Good effort @thewarn

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Sponge seems much lighter and fluffier to me. Should add the caveat that I’m using it in fairy cakes - for the sponge and buttercream (which i normally find too rich)

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