Sponsored Thread: Manscaped - Achieve maximum skinsafe performance

With The Lawn Mower 3.0 !


as seen on The Lad Bible™

Groin trimming
Deserves a quiet groin


The photograph on the dashboard, taken years ago
Turned around backwards so the windshield shows
Every streetlight reveals the dick pic in reverse



I suppose it’s good that I have to worry about whether or not my pubes are a weird length aesthetically nowadays?

I’d prefer it if we, as a species, all agreed to go feral (unless there’s a practical reason for not doing so)

By we, as a species, I mean people ITT

Happy for sean that he’s got the sponsored threads idea off the ground

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Didn’t we get in trouble when we did something like this before?

You might have, sounds like the right type of shenanigans

How long is your longest pube?

About 0.05 yards


Gonna try and grow the thousand yard hair?

No, I don’t think so

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Jordo I just wanted to let you know that since clicking that link I now have targeted ads for this product on YouTube, insta and around 70% of websites I go on. It is hell.

I appear to be the only one to have clicked the link

Precision tools…for your family jewels