Spook a Disser - a potential thread

I had an idea for a thread, where you light-heartedly spook another Disser by posting something you know about them that you have picked up via DiS in some way. For example, I know that @anon29812515 's dentist’s surname is (or at least was for a while) Bumrah. I know this because on old DiS I searched “Bumrah” in order to make a humorous post about an Indian cricketer, and found several references to the aforesaid dentist.

But I was worried that it might turn creepy and weird. What do you reckon?

  • It sounds light-hearted and fun, what could go wrong??!!
  • Will inevitably turn creepy and worrying, don’t risk it.
  • Unlikely to have legs either way.

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hello Jordan @jordan_229, which is his REAL name!!!


Jumping out from behind a door and scaring someone

  • Probably the highest form of comedy
  • Sorta funny in a dad way
  • Not really funny
  • Harmful behaviour of a deviant personality

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@anon5266188 will be impossible to spook with this thread, as he is a very big brave boy


The gf is a master of this and I hate it I HATE IT.

I finally convinced her to stop but not before she’d spent 20 minutes waiting in the dark just for the perfect moment to scare the living shit out of me. I admire the commitment but PLEASE STOP TRYING TO KILL ME.


But the question is would it be murder?

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ericv has a job on a beach collecting shells


GF did this to me by accident last week, as she just happened to be behind the flat door as I came in. While I certainly didn’t plan to squeal and throw my keys at her I can vouch for the effectiveness of this approach.

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I think she could probably blame my terrible diet and general lifestyle for the eventual massive heart attack and at least get it down to manslaughter. I suspect she knows this…

@anon82218317 is involved with the labour party

Oh really? Well how about the fact that he gets his haircut at the same barber on the same day every month :ghost:

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@ericVI prefers Led Zeppelin’s later oeuvre.

@Bamnan is left handed

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@a lot of you are actually quite nice to have a drink with

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Wish my wife was Bieber

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@anon5266188 is tolerated by his coworkers as ‘a guy’


Poll is unequivocal, thread is a bad idea. Please restrict your posting to general inanities as per DiS article 6.