Spooktacular Rolling Halloween Thread 2018 (Safe Space for Ghouls)

It’s nearly October, which means it’s nearly time for Halloween excitement.

I’ll be marking the occasion by watching a horror film every night in October, then I’m going to be in CenterParcs on the day so will probably walk in to the woods and freak myself out Blair Witch style.

Also just got excited that Creepy Co have released their annual Beistle pins. RIP credit card.


(Fuck off if you hate Halloween).


Last year we had a conference that overlapped with Halloween and my American colleagues properly threw their toys out of the pram because they’d be out of 'Murica for Halloween and the whole thing got rescheduled.

That’s all I’ve got.

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I love Halloween, even though I’m not sure I’ve ever properly celebrated it with a party or owt. Just watching horror films / reading horror related stuff on my own.

I’m the coolest

I read that paragraph in the cadence of a spooky campfire ghost story and it was brilliant

“the whooolllee thhiiinnng gooottt… RESCHEDULED”



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Almost works.

Can someone make a list of 20 psychological horror films that stick with you long after they finish, but don’t rely on explicit depictions of things, just an underlying sense of despair that would appeal to your average DiSer?


Kill List


The Prince Charles has a really good programme this year


I’ve never seen the Exorcist or Susperia so will be checking out both of those at the very least.

Also I hope those crunch corners with the ghost biscuits come back.


Yes, nothing explicit in Kill List :exploding_head::hammer:

I thiiiink February / The Blackcoat’s Daughter might fit, though I’d probably have to rewatch it. Also, I can’t remember if it was you who mentioned it in the other thread. Wicked good though. Might rewatch this Halloween.

The Innkeepers is maybe worth mentioning which I think is psychological to an extent. Mentioning it more just because I have a soft spot for that film though, if I’m honest

Been invited to a Halloqueen scary drag party but can’t make it and I’m fucking gutted tbh

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except maybe the hands

Was trying to find that picture of the dog dressed as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks and discovered the hilariously adorable genre of Log Lady Halloween costume whereby a mother is dressed as the character and her baby is the log


I haven’t found a cool gig/party yet but whatever I do, I’m going dressed as Finn the Human from Adventure Time.


I want someone to invite me to one


Halloween is also my wedding anniversary, waiting for a good milestone to throw my dream Halloween party barn dance.



(In a spooky voice)

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Oooohh I’ll post this here as well. Just bought these pyjamas today:

In mid-October I’m going to the horror film festival that I go to every year. For actual Halloween I’m considering inviting my niece and nephew around. They’re 4 and 5. Reckon it might be fun. Carve a pumpkin, wear silly costumes, go trick or treating etc.