Spooktacular Rolling Halloween Thread 2018 (Safe Space for Ghouls)

Think you should just do this every year tbh (and invite all of us)

Wicker Man themed pls

Saw this in Walmart - tempted


Am currently in the States too - Walmart’s Halloween isle is awesome!

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Started Halloween movie marathon early last night with Creep and Creep 2. Mark Duplass is great isn’t he?


I was actually going to start this thread on the 1st of October :smiley: Anyone changing their avatars on here for something more spooky for the duration of October? Thinking I might need something more appropriate than my standard, err, skull…

SHOCKTOBER! @Shimmetry did this last year, with the added discipline of doing it in alphabetical order :open_mouth: His list starts somewhere after here:

Not sure what I’m going to do this halloween - two years ago went to see John Carpenter live, while three years ago was Alan Howarth doing the Halloween soundtracks at Union Chapel, both of which were great. Took the kids trick or treating for their first time last year which was super fun - five year old is excited about it already, so that’s some top parenting right there :sunglasses: Might see if I can get to one of the fright nights at Thorpe Park this year - no chance in hell that the TV would go with me however :thinking:

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I’ve just harvested my home grown pumpkins.


I did indeed, I wasn’t working last October so it wasn’t as difficult as it might have been. My android box has gone tits up, so no kodi sources to pick from and i’m no longer subscribing to netflix or amazon so no chance I could do an a-z this year. Will attempt to do 31 horrors across the month, depending on when I start my new job. Recommends from last year are Noroi:The Curse and Hell House LLC.

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The Child’s nursery is having a Halloween party with fancy dress prize.

We’re planning an awesome costume which I’ll share in good time.

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I need more spooky music, should we do that in here or do a separate thread like last year (or even just bump last year’s thread)?

It’s already on :+1:

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Doing that 31 days of Horror films thing. Here is my list. I know some of them will be shit (Teeth)

Teeth is enjoyable enough :+1:

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That’s a sweet list, I’ve seen 23. Never seen Delicatessen in a horror list before though. Teeth is better than expected, bloody ouch at times. Noroi😍

Shocktober 1-5
What Have You Done To Solange?
Sadako v Kayako
The Last Exorcism
Have enjoyed all.

Have got the kids interested in their own mini Shocktober :ghost::skull_and_crossbones::japanese_ogre:


In addition to the ^above mentioned Kill List and Blackcoat’s Daughter, I would recommend these 20 for that kind of caper:

  • Spoorloos
  • Enemy
  • Nocturnal Animals
  • Under The Skin
  • Dancer In The Dark
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • Funny Games
  • Arlington Road
  • Shutter Island
  • Session 9
  • The Ninth Configuration
  • Onibaba
  • The Descent
  • Who Can Kill A Child?
  • Repulsion
  • Big Bad Wolves
  • Rabid Dogs
  • Cache
  • The Tenant
  • Death And The Maiden

Spoorloos is easily the most haunting, non-explicit film I’ve seen. Plus it’s primarily in Dutch if that floats your boat…

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I love halloween. Wish i had friends who like doing fancy dress nearby

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Yes! Get 'em while they’re young!

In unrelated news, these just showed up in my newsfeed and I really want to try them now: