Spooktacular Rolling Halloween Thread 2018 (Safe Space for Ghouls)


Disappointment the mini smarties filled chocolate pumpkins haven’t made an appearance this year, keep swing satsumas and getting my hopes up. Would go to see the wytches on the big day but like last year it starts too late


I love halloween. Wish i had friends who like doing fancy dress nearby


Yes! Get 'em while they’re young!

In unrelated news, these just showed up in my newsfeed and I really want to try them now:


might rewatch Blackcoat’s Daughter (is it still on Netflix? I only watched it when it was still called February, which is possibly a different cut). Also might rewatch Kill List, the DVD’s been waiting next to my PS4 for about a month now


Didn’t watch Blackcoat’s Daughter on Netflix so couldn’t say unfortunately.

As for Kill List, I went to the the UK premiere (like a wanker) and was somewhat underwhelmed. Have watch it twice since and have enjoyed it more on each occasion.

Good to see that I appear to be consistent on this view (can’t find the very first thread however)…


Reading about Possum has got me in the mood for some vaguely hauntological bleakness so a re-watch of Kill List (for some reason I last decided to watch it in the daytime, which was really dumb cause I wasn’t that bothered obviously. Seriously don’t ask why, I think it was cause it was really cloudy and felt right until half way through and then the sun came out) might be on the cards


Been safe in a block of flats previously but will have to buy some sweets for the little swines this year won’t I. Tsssk


Just ordered part of my costume and I’m getting antsy it won’t arrive on time.


oh my, i do love this time of year. going pumpkin picking soon, got some ideas for carving and such. don’t think we’re doing anything that will require a costume, but we are off to kirkstall abbey to watch IT, which i am really hyped for. working through some horror and fantasy lit too, just devouring american gods atm.

kill list is an intensely unsettling experience, especially if you know nothing about it going in. i was only told it was “a gangster film” by my mate (what a prick! :grinning:), who sent me the file via internet back in the day. fitting really, has that tone of something nasty you’d stumble across while surfing the web in 2002 or summat. great stuff.


Horror film festival starts tomorrow — and I’m introducing the original Halloween! It’s screening just before the new one, which I have made an effort to not read or watch anything about. Very curious to see what I’ll make of it.


Very nice :+1:

Will there be video footage of the event available (with sub-titles please)?


I highly doubt it. An instagram photo at best.

I have a pic of me and Fred Krueger from when I introduced Nightmare a couple of years ago if that helps?


Halloween 3 is the best one




Tried to see Trick r Treat tonight but it was sold out when I got there :frowning:


If you can find it Borderlands isn’t very explicit at all but it’s horrible.


I rly want to go see a horror film alone in the cinema. Did this a lot when i was 15/16 but im terrified now. Last time i tried to watch a horror film i had to stop after like 10 min and read the plot on wikipedia lol

Any recs?? Anything to the west side in london is good if you know of a specific film event


Yes, yes it would…



Find this whole thread utterly bewildering.