Spooky Filth

Seeing as that Harry Potter thread is still going on and it’s thursday, do you fancy any witches or wizards? Maybe a warlock?
Love potions, sexy hex’s, etc
Something about… wands

Had an ex with a bit of a vampire fetish, liked me to bite her neck. Does that help?

proper fancy both of these two. absolute couple goals imho as well :hearts:


Fleaur delacour, more like phwoar…

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It does, thank you!
Did she make you wear a set of those fake fangs you get in party shops?

Would love to be Mog here



These are aright and all :yum:

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No, she didn’t. She did insist I turn into a bat after ejaculating which was bloody annoying.


well into getting hypnotised.

Used to fancy The Worst Witch when I was a kid


Samantha from Bewitched

(the TV series - I have no attraction to any of the members of the band B*Witched, and I don’t believe they were witches either)

Have watched both of these films with the kids recently - these two are both so, so great in them :+1:

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I got a house with windows and doors
I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

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They can come on like that all the like, and then I see them and I just can’t get past the double denim. Sorry - that’s just the way it goes!

What are you loike?


I’m like your da!

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I’m the wolf today, hey, hey, hey
I’ll huff, I’ll puff
I’ll huff, I’ll puff, I’ll blow you away

Teenage me wouldn’t of minded living in that house with Sabrina and her two aunts.


Raúl Juliá was such a ride.


I really like witches and all that sort of stuff. Not sure I’d say I fancy someone just cause they’re a witch though. Just to be clear.