Spooky Halloween Thread For Ghouls 2019

It’s nearly time. Bloody love Halloween. What are your spooky plans? Any tricks or treats? Sexy or mischievous costume?

I’ll be watching a horror film a night, taking the baby on a guided witchcraft walk, getting drunk and celebrating my wedding anniversary.

Seasonal film recommendations welcome pls.


I keep forgetting how much I love that skeleton picture

Also yes halloween thank you very much

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Did my annual regrettable overspend here earlier. So much great crap.

More like YES HALLOWEEN thank you very much.

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I’ll probably watch half of Hellrasier or something and go to bed at 1030


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Which half?

I mean WITCH half.


Bought some stupid ghosts today. ASDA have haunted TV for sales and quite a few good bits of crap spooky decor.

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Probably the left

8/10 pumpkin patch visit today. Banging vegan mac and cheese stall there too. Tractor ride could have been spookier.

dammit where do i post!

It’s the spookiest month

What are your plans? On the weekend of 'ween I’m going on the annual Hampstead Heath spooky dog walk/competition at a pub (as a spectator) and then an album launch. What a world.

Trying to read and watch only spooky things too. Give me some recommendarrrrrgghhhhtions


Seeing Melt Banana

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  • I’m dressing up
  • I’m scary enough
  • I am not partaking in such things cos I hate fun

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probably watch some horror film,s and stay indoors

Lol gonna go as Brexit pretty scary right guys lol


going to a dress up party in two weeks but I really cost benefit analysis getting a costume

@1101010 to thread cc @Funkhouser

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I’ll get some sweets in this year instead of turning the lights out and hiding because we’d only been living in that house for two weeks and weren’t sure how stabby the neighborhood was yet.

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