Spooky places that you’ve been

Let’s talk.

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This is a geographyweek thread


Abandoned hotel in Vietnam, lots of spooky monkeys there

The Tower of Terror at Disneyland (Paris). It has ghosts. I think.

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The Labyrinth in Buda Castle after dark when the turn all the lights off and pump weird choral music in


Grew up in the most haunted fucking place in the country, mate

First 9 months?




This looks really cosy

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The turnstiles at Claremont Road. @he_2 can vouch for me.

Bat flew into me when I tried to go into this church:


On holiday last year I managed to visit a catacombs, a U-boat base which is now a modern art galley, and a nuclear bunker. None of these were quite as grim as the hotel I stayed in in Paris though

A feel awful about how much this made me laugh

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The woods at night is probably the spookiest place I’ve been.

Sheer terror

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There is a little woodland copse thing near me. When I was new to mountain biking I poked around in there to see if there were any fun trails in there.

There wearn’t but I did find a creepy face carved into the top of a tree stump, with freshly laid rose petals all around it

Strong Blair witch vibes, I left rapidly

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Went to this ruined church in Norfolk:

It’s said that the oak tree growing in the middle of it is the leg of a witch that was buried alive there. A local resident turned up and told us that they get loads of people turning up and holding seances there. There were shitloads of crows in the trees, who obligingly made a huge old racket to add to the atmosphere.

Also went Berry Pomeroy castle in Devon a couple of years ago, which is supposed to be mega haunted. Walked through a load of old woods to get there, and that felt way more haunted. Don’t believe in ghosties, but felt like something followed me back to where we were staying and was in the room with us that night. And then had dreams that whatever it was was in my bedroom at home when I got back, for a few weeks after. Eep.

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Just remembered that I allowed a man to head in there to camp recently without warning him about the witches. But he was cycle touring around the uk at the very start of the lockdown so fuck him really, I hope he got Blair witched the fuck up

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there are some woods in preston between the centre and my friend’s house that are pitch black for ages when you walk through them at night. he must’ve done it 100s of times and had no fear, bravest man I know