Spooky places that you’ve been

Also, we had a bit of wilderness we called ‘the back’ in the grounds of the flats I grew up in, where there were loads of old trees and the remains of an anderson shelter and rubble from an old house etc. My sister made up a story about the ‘grey lady’ who roamed around back there. Scared the shit out of me. Used to think I could feel her watching me whenever I was out there on my own, and would pelt it back to the flats, and didn’t feel safe until I was up the stairs and through the front door.

also i don’t like to go on about it but went halfway up mount etna and it was v spooky, there’s a cabin with big dogs and we were the only people there cos it was late. lots of weird trees too and look at that man in the background :scream::ghost:


Yup! Earlsmead weren’t much better.

There’s a woods that me and my friends would drive through at night. Windy road with sudden clearings and rocks that looked like people. we’d drive along and turn off the lights or pull over and feel the spooks increase. Sometimes we’d listen to rock lobster to make it more spooky.

Only ever saw one dogger cause it’s too spooky to dog. Also the village has no road signs cause someone’s snapped them all off which is spooky.




One of those underground walking tours in Edinburgh, felt quite spooky.

Borley, village where the “most haunted house in England” used to be, walked around the graveyard of the church at night.

Crypts and cloisters in Canterbury Cathedral at night.

Went to the Overlook Hotel from the Shining when we in America, it’s quite nice these days but still wouldn’t stay there.

Also stayed in a ghost town in Texas which was a load of abandoned mining buildings with a few people living in and around them. Was quite nice actually.

A road in the middle of nowhere in Somaliland at night in a car, we heard hyenas. Gutted I didnt get to see them. We were meant to spend the night there in a hut with a close family friend but then I heard you can get lice and was crying at the thought of having to cut my hair off and my cousins got nervous too so we got a ride back to the hotel, spoiled city kids that we were

Just remembered another Norfolk one - went to Blythburgh Church, which has scorch marks on the door, allegedly left by the Black Shuck:

I went on a ghost walk of Croydon when I was a kid. Annoyed that all I remember is that there’s apparently a ghost on top of Allders.

The Catacombe dei Cappuccini in Palermo were unsettling there’s a similar place in Rome with bone art.

CW: Corpses/remains


The ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. It’s pretty cool, tbh.


Supposedly the chapel at my old school in Sevenoaks was haunted. There were also a bunch of pubs/other building in sevenoaks that were supposed to be haunted as well, including Chequers Inn

Paris Catacombs was quite creepy but the ambience was spoiled by the group of posh boys behind us complaining about their espadrilles.

The actual spookiest place I’ve been in was Knowle Hospital, the old asylum in Fareham just before it was demolished to become flats. Got in to one of the buildings with some pals and then crapped out after about a minute because it was…well a decaying Victorian hospital and they’re not exactly renowned for comfort are they.

There’s a spooky house with all boarded up windies and doors half way up Scafell, a place that only accessible on foot.

pics don’t get across how remote and spooky it is. Walked by it a few times and it gives me the willies. How the fuck was it constructed? Why? WooooOOOOOoooOOOooOOOOoooo :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

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