Spoon Thread (Rolling)

Oh yes! Have loved what I heard so far and even saw them once but I’m really intimidated by their catalogue.

Re: seeing them live… I think they’re the only major indie band I can think of who’s been active my whole gig going life and who hasn’t played a single festival I’ve been to. Not at Primavera this year either, I see

Think they’d be a great festival band too

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I saw them at Primavera Porto in 2014 and really enjoyed them. Was just with such massive Spoon fans that I kind of got scared of checking them out afterwards. They were flippin’ great mind.

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Ah the one year I missed out on Primavera! All my mates went to Porto too! Glad it was good though :slight_smile:

Yep, I like this.

Might listen to Spoon all day now.


I wasn’t really excited for a Spoon album either…until I heard Do You and it piqued my interest.

I think my one criticism of Spoon is, for all their consistency and excellent songwriting, they struggle to strike up an atmosphere in quite the way the same way some of their contemporaries do. A better way of saying might be that Spoon sound like a composite of the best bits of other bands.

Basically I get what you mean by “being in the mood” for a Spoon record, even if I can’t articulate it very well.

Transference is really underappreciated. There are some amazing songs on there… Written In Reverse, I Saw The Light, Got Nuffin.

Even their early albums are well worth checking out… Telephono, Soft Effects & Series Of Sneaks.

The new single sounds great, really excited to hear the album & hopefully they’ll announce some European shows.


I’ve got They Want My Soul on at the moment, it really is all kinds of brilliant, isn’t it?

Stoked for the new album and fingers cross for some tour dates soon!

I think I know what you mean - they are almost too sleek and efficient for their own good. I always really enjoy listening to their records but they don’t necessarily linger long in the memory.

Hey man, can you recommend some tracks from the first three to add to me work in progress playlist?

Is enjoy transference a lot, I didn’t like it at first but after a few listens it became a right lil earworm. Who makes your money is totally one of the best things they’ve ever written.


Telephono is pretty raw but I really like sticking it on when on the treadmill.
Nefarious, Claws Tracking & Towner are all quite cool standalone tracks.
The Soft Effects EP sees them experiment a lot more. Mountain To Sound is absolutely excellent from this.
I have such a soft spot for A Series Of Sneaks, absolutely love it.
Guestlist/Execution, Metal School, Quincy Punk Episode & Advance Cassette are gems.

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considering how much i loved TWMS, and think every other song i hear of theirs is great, ive been really shit at going back through their old stuff. need to make an effort before the new album, i think

Brill thank you :blush:

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The first two albums I’d classify as having a few good tracks, but more as a historical footnote (glad you included Nefarious in your list though), but I wouldn’t bracket A Series Of Sneaks in that category.

That was the first of the yet-to-be-broken combo of fucking amazing Spoon albums.

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Transference was a combo breaker IMO. It’s a good-Spoon-album-for-fans-of-Spoon but an amazing Spoon album it ain’t.

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Really dig that new song now. Would be happy with an album of the same :slight_smile:

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I totally agree that A Series Of Sneaks triggers the high quality level that they’ve not dipped from. It carries a lot of the punkier, lo-fi stylings from Telephono but the songwriting is up a couple of notches. It’s not as tight & concise as they’ve produced from Girls Can Tell onwards, but it’s a really interesting document of the band finding their voice/sound. And it’s cool as f###.

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