Spooning (a gentler thursday filth thread)


Alright shit got way too real last Thursday and I think we’re all still in shock from that.


  • I enjoy spooning
  • I do not
  • Depends

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I prefer to be:

  • Big spoon
  • Li’l spoon

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Use this thread to create more polls feat. spooning.


Fine if it’s cold. Awful of its hot. I will be which ever spoon my partner wants me to be (unless it’s hot in which case I will politely decline)


Who on the forum would you like to spoon with?

Big spoon to @thewarn for me. I bet his hair smells clean.


Big spoon to @thewarn for me.


another vote for warn spoonidoff


Don’t fancy a round of HotSpoons?


ah playing a game of spoony spoony are we?


I’m a weatherdependentspoon


yeah i’d go @thewarn y


Just posting to preempt the “forking” joke before anyone makes it. Ta.


wait i have a better joke for this being on a music site let me quickly workshop it


Falling asleep spooniing or embracing in any way’s impossible. Get dead arm within minutes, turn away into the foetal position and zZzZZZZzZz.


Who would you most like to spoon?

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the spoons are a kind of percussion instrument


if i fall asleep while spooning i’m definitely hammered.


Great when your body wakes you up though like ‘mate, do you want to lose this arm or…?’



Why do drownedinsounders hate being the big spoon?

They’re not a fan of anything on a major ladle





but… hmm?


Spooning is good unless you’re somehwree hot and sticky.

I woke up to being spooned* by my toddler the other night, when I’d had to sleep in his bed to comfort him with teething. Normally I spoon him in this situation and cocoon him, but I must have turned over in my sleep and he’s followed suit.

*it was ridiculous, like a little spoon trying to cling onto a big spoon like a limpet.