Spooning ginger

I’ve tried this trick twice now. I’m hoping that if I use enough ginger, the labour and time I’ll save peeling it will more than compensate for all the hours and days I’ve lost mucking about on here.


Fred Astaire’s dying wish


The Christian Horner autobiography?

Really laboured joke, this

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I don’t understand the OP. Is Jordan running your account, now?

Is this about… cookery?

Shit name for a porn film

Would you like me to be the kitty cat?

No, I’ve just spent so long on here that my personality is dissolving into a melange of other dissers voices.

I was referring to someone on here recommending using a spoon to peel ginger, I tried a few weeks ago and it was much better than anything else I’ve tried (a peeler (not the police)).


Well, I didn’t like to just come out with it, but yes I would. Would you be down on all fours?

Once I’ve posted a thread, I know longer consider it my own. It belongs to be audience and is about whatever interpretation they perceive it to be about.

I’m not really convinced a spoon could be any quicker than our peeler to be honest so I’m not sure how much time you’re claiming back, sorry.

I’m probably also saving a little time in not having to wash the peeler (assuming I can use the spoon in spices or something).

you’ve spent more time on here explaining what you meant than you would save in a whole lifetime of spooning ginger.

i work in the ginger industry

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