Sporcle Club

I’d love some Sporcle friends, have gone a bit Sporcle mad recently. someone challenge me to something?

here’s a nice one that i’m gonna do now:

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i mainly like the countries ones cos i’m trying to get better at countries

yeah I’ll join the sporcle club


you’ve played a lot of quizzes, I’ve noticed

Spend most of my breaks at work doing Premier League quizzes

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I’ve been there forever!

Love a quiz. I’ll get involved.

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Saw Limmy try a couple of quizzes by this guy. I don’t think anything in them are difficult on purpose, but they span so many decades that I’d be impressed by anyone who can clear one. I think he’s got 90 or so of these quizzes

57/110 on that 2000s indie one - disappointing

confused Toploader with Starsailor, and didn’t even get the artists for Futureheads, Kaiser Chiefs, The Fratellis, Keane, The Zutons or Hard-Fi :astonished:

got 69 (nice), was harder than expected as there’s a lot of landfill dross on there.

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should definitely have got another 5 or so if I’d just paused it and given my brain a second to catch up

but yeah there;s no way i needed to retain The Automatic song titles in 2022

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