Sports / sportsball knocking politics off the list

Hey y’all
Not an urgent one but if anyone’s got the inclination to look at this.
This screen:

Has two links to sports categories but none to the politics category. Would be great if this was not the case. x

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Yeah I think @whiterussian will have to delete the sub-category of ‘sports’ when she gets a chance as I guess it’s just a legacy of when it was in Social.

Although to be honest it does seem like a bug that Discourse just put all the categories in there rather than main ones followed by sub-categories.

Actually maybe it’s an individual algorithm at play because mine is this


Might therefore be based on your own posting history combined with the fact that politics stuff has traditionally been a few very big threads, possibly bigger and less frequent than sports ones you post in?

It looks like I would have to manually remove each thread from the sub-category (which as you say is the old sub-category from the Social board), and that’s not very tempting tbh. Will see if I can find another way of doing it at a later point – but for now at least I’ve renamed the old sub-category to “Sports (old)” and the new Sports forum, previously known as Sportsball, to simply Sports.


Nightmare :cry:

Nice work with what you can.