Spot the celebrity quiz

I think japes used to post these every year. There’s a picture with clues to famous people.

Done all the easy ones and up to 43

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I accept that the spelling has to be correct but I’m slightly irked by the quiz setter mispelling a couple of names.


I haven’t started because I can’t be bothered getting the laptop yet. I think these are impossible without a bigger screen.

The zoom works pretty well and my new phone (shut up about it) is massive.

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And 1 being just the first name (well at least one)

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Stuck on 52 absolutely furious with myself that I can’t get the C/bee one(s)

Got it now don’t worry. 58.

  1. Wish I’d never started.

Getting pissed off now. I’m finding this useful - the bare jpeg minus all the extraneous stuff.

69 (nice) now.

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Is this a coldwarsteve thing

No, it’s not. It’s not something I’ve encountered before and I’m beginning to curse @keith
I haven’t got too many to go now that I’ve realised a single item can have more than one answer.


Wanna swap some answers? I’m at the end of my tether with it.

Yes, go for it.




At the poiny where we’ve picked off the easy ones, figured out some of the others and have 62, with another 7 or 8 we can’t get yet. Which means there’s 10 we haven’t even spotted yet.

I was impressed by the Michael j fox one


Cracked it! 80/80! With a little help from @Funkhouser
There’s a good mixture of clues - some bleedingly obvious, some good puns and some logic puzzlers. I also made good progress when I twigged that one object can have multiple answers e.g. a painting can be both the artist and the sitter.

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Who the fuck puts a red baseball cap in something like this and its not fred durst!?

Im out - got 2

On 57 and stuck. Getting annoyed now