Spotify and infowars

Attempting to one-up the other giants on the evil stakes…

Don’t really know what the purpose of this thread is. More of an FYI, as it’s not like we’re gonna debate whether it should be up there.

Could the fascism thread I suppose? But it seems these days that dis is just a collection of huge threads that go on and on and there are fewer new individual ones popping apart from the morning and evening threads.


This is definitely your fault, and I’ll be boycotting you from now @Twinkletoes

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If you’re a customer and you want to pop them a quick email to complain its

(they actually have a public-facing email, and don’t just refer you to a webcat or twitter account - so refreshing)

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:frowning_face: seems fair

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Does he really think water’s turning frogs gay?



Feel free to use/amend the one I sent to save time.

Dear Spotify,

I’m pretty shocked to find myself writing this email but I felt it important to make my (and I’m sure many others’) feelings quite clear. Having been a Premium subscriber since 2010, I found your decision to continue hosting Jones’ Infowars podcast disappointing to say the least. As well as denying the existence/scale of mass shootings in America, Jones has been responsible for spreading fake news which incites hatred and creates division within society. Other tech companies like YouTube have taken the decision to remove his content from their platforms for precisely these reasons. I find it difficult to accept that the company who was so proactive, if a little clumsy, in rolling out their Hate Content & Hateful Conduct policy just a few short months ago, would let someone with Jones’ track record host content on their platform.

I was initially drawn to Spotify not for the vast catalogue that you offered, even in its early days, but rather for the fresh approach to a more ethical way for listeners to access music. The rise of Spotify, and other streaming services, has played a crucial role in fighting illegal downloading and given innumerable artists an income they would not have previously had. After eight years, I would be sad to cancel my subscription and move to an alternative streaming service but, if Jones’ content remains on Spotify, I feel morally and ideologically obliged to remove support for your service. I sincerely hope that this is a decision that I will not have to take and that Spotify reconsiders the ramifications of retaining such hateful and divisive content.




This is mine:

To whom it may concern,

Get Infowars the fuck off Spotify.




Or this too, yeah.

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Yours was very well written and much more nuanced than anything I could come up with!


Has anyone heard that Walls advert on Spotify?

It’s almost worse than fascism.

Great email, this, thanks

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log in, vote here, and share the link


Anyone know if Spotify have made any public comment on this yet?
I’ve been on Spotify premium for ages now but given all that is going on may have to quit.

Not seen anything so far. Giving them til the end of the week then I’m pulling the plug

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Does this mean we’ll pull the label too? (Probably should be in label chat.)

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Makes me sad that all these companies seem to be so shitty but the damage that is being done to democracy is terrifying, I think I will have to leave unless they can be very unequivocal in action and commitment to future policies.

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just in case there was any doubt in your minds

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