Spotify and infowars


To bring this thread weirdly full circle, it turns out Alex Jones might actually be massively into creating his own electronic music and would be a great candidate for a release on the DiS label:

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every so often I think about the utter depravity and lack of empathy that must be involved in coming up with something like the sandy hook conspiracy theory and just despair at how a human being could be like that


dunno how folk listen to that.

he clearly doesn’t believe a word he’s saying either, just spouting a load of hateful nonsense to get views


I think he definitely believes it.

It’s a lot easier to convince yourself of something and get outraged than to fake it


tbf i’ve not exactly seen very much of him, just never seems like his heart is in it and it’s all a big pantomime


Just the hitler school of shouty megalomania innit


Same old shite really isn’t it? - my life is a bit rubbish and I feel like the cards are stacked against me… oh, here’s a guy who’s going to tell me who’s to blame for my life being shit.


In a custody court case for his children he said it was all an act (guess that could have been an act), I think it is probably a mixture his true beliefs are probably awful and he is willing to spout stuff he doesn’t believe for profit and/or if it strategically helps an agenda which does believe in


it’s really sad


I’m closing the Bureau…for an hour


I’m gonna get hell for this I know and I’m honestly not trolling but Big Tech essentially deciding what information and opinion is available to us is a bad, bad thing.

Extreme views should not be censored, they should be addressed head on and challenged, hopefully exposing the root cause that leads to these views.


Yes… and no.

I think tech firms do have a moral obligation to prevent/block harmful discourse where possible, the same way that we generally say that old media have a responsibility over what they publish.

For extreme views, there’s always the likes of Stormfront; you’re not censoring the views entirely, you’re saying they’re not acceptable on your platform; that’s corporate responsibility in action. Other stuff, fair play.


@colinzealuk has said it pretty well.

Most of these companies have codes of conduct for using their platform, of which Alex Jones is in violation.

And extreme views should sometimes be censored IMO.


The problem is, search engines don’t flag up which are marginal views and which aren’t. If you’re in a pub you can tell the crazy guy from the rest. If you’re in a newsagent, you can tell the Times from Viz. But if you search for something on google or any of the others, they’re all just results given equal weighting.


Really good points, thanks.

I just often feel that the real story about the marginalisation of opinion and information is radically different, and undiscussed.

Free speech is free speech and Big Tech’s power and influence must be checked, particularly when their monopoly corporate decisions lead to the reduction of free speech rights.


Everybody saying that tech should be the gatekeeper will be changing their mind when a platforms bought out by Sinclair or Fox and no platforms Chapo and Podsave America


yeah but tbf this is good and that would be bad


Free speech is the right to say something without being arrested. It doesn’t technically exist where we have hate speech legislation.

And even then, free speech does not entitle anyone to be offered a platform by others.


Well, yes, which is why I think that companies should take corporate responsibility rather than just throwing up their hands and pretending they’re “just a platform”.