Spotify app

Why is it so rubbish? Most of my life at the moment is waiting for stuff I’ve ALREADY DOWNLOADED to load.

Anyone else find it shit? Any decent alternatives these days?

Hate it when it decides to delete all the stuff I’ve downloaded. Thanks Spotify

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still can’t make playlist folders on it.

Absolutely ridiculous


Not on spotifybook any more (Apple Music interface is worse)

Have a really old version on my tablet that I’m refusing to upgrade because the knewer ones are so pants.

I don’t have any of the above problems. Suggest you learn Spotify.

Also did that creepy advertising campaign basically subtweeting their customers.

Only thing keeping me on it is the nice playlists it makes for me (when they finally load).

You on ios or android?


Me too ffs :angry:

I much prefer deezer but for shared playlists etc I have Spotify too (But I get Spotify free)

How stop Spotify from deleting all my saved and downloaded albums, oh Android Spotify guru?

honestly never had spotify delete anything on me. the way i use it then it wouldn’t bother me that much anyway, as i usually just download a few albums the night before the listen to.

can see how it could get annoying if you had loads of stuff downloaded

Do you have multiple offline devices? Might screw with it. Otherwise just don’t let it do any updates, there’s a problem with the indexing or something and everything gets wiped more often than not.

Dunno how many times I need to recommend the Google thing to you Spotify mugs before you believe me, tbh.